Striking Elhew Brigadoon x Elhew Aviatrix

Eight Gorgeous Black and White Puppies Whelped on March 22, 2019


Striking Elhew Brigadoon

The sire, Bailey, is an exceptionally beautiful, powerfully built, athletic, 55-lb. dog of the Strike-McGoo type.  Bailey is orange and white, and closely resembles his outstanding sire, Striking Elhew Mack, and his famous great-grandsire, Mr. McGoo.

Bailey hunts with great energy, exuberance, and style. He is astoundingly agile and light-footed for so powerful a dog. He was easily trained and requires only the lightest hand in any occasional correction. Bailey is experienced with a wide variety of game, and each year hunts forest grouse, prairie birds, and chukar. He exemplifies the ideal of the "gentleman's shooting dog," performing with power and class in the field, transitioning seamlessly to the home and hearth as engaged and trusted companion. Bailey has a highly expressive face, with beautiful dark brown eyes, uncommon among pointers. He is a dominant dog, but sensitive, loving, and forever puppy-like in spirit.

Bailey demonstrates his prepotency in strongly projecting his characteristics in his progeny. This is his first litter.


Elhew Aviatrix

The dam, Maggie, is a flashy, young, 42-lb. dog, closely derived from Distinction and Explorer, and bearing their majestic outlines; she has a ruler-straight, 12-o’clock tail and naturally high head carriage. Maggie has a long stride and extremely fluid gait. She covers the ground rapidly, with apparent ease and elegance, taking effortlessly to the air as needed, leading to her name. Maggie has a finely chiseled, classic Elhew head.

From the time she was a pup, Maggie has been notably watchful and observant. It is no surprise she is exceptionally intelligent, learns quickly, and doesn’t forget. She is an excellent and close communicator, taking and giving cues from and to the hunter, much with her expressive eyes, and truly collaborating in the hunt. To date, she has hunted in California, Idaho, Montana, and Nevada. She is particularly well-suited to chukar, as she is so nimble and light on her feet.

Maggie has very strong drive and is a tough, silent dog. She has been a superb mother, attentive, caring, gentle but firm, with this her first litter.

Maggie Pedigree.png

Both Bailey and Maggie are high-powered, with nose, drive, and intelligence to spare, and highly biddable. They have ideal, companion-dog temperaments and live in the home.

Both Bailey and Maggie run, with “cracking” tails, within wide “shooting dog” range and they adjust their range to the terrain. Both turn and look to maintain contact with the hunter, and both observe the direction the hunter is facing and adjust their pattern to remain in front of the hunter. Both have a natural retrieve.



Eight beautiful, lightly marked puppies, all black and white, were whelped on March 22, 2019, between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. (a long night for Maggie and the midwives!). There are three males and five females. All are robust, well-structured, and joyously active as only puppies can be. Each holds the promise of becoming an exceptional partner in the field and loving companion in the home.

Reservation deposit is $250.00.