Blackney Kennels breeds Elhew English Pointers for hunters and competitors, and their families, who desire an outstanding representative of the finest line of pointing dogs ever developed. Our objective is to produce dogs of the highest quality, conforming to the Elhew standards: high-powered, highly intelligent, highly biddable, conformationally correct and strikingly beautiful, with ideal companion-dog temperaments.

The larger mission of Blackney Kennels is to contribute to the preservation and improvement of the pure Elhew line, to introduce Elhew English Pointers to new generations of pointing dog fanciers, particularly in the Western States, and to make a contribution to the lives of the purchasers of our dogs, just as the breeders of Elhew dogs purchased through the years by Daniel Riviera, the founder and owner of Blackney Kennels, have made a profound contribution to his life.

Blackney Kennels is located in Sonoma County in Northern California.